Computer Forensic Services

Securing electronic evidence is central to an ever-increasing criminal, civil or administrative investigations. U.S. Data Forensics, LLC, is in a unique position to help our clients computer forensic and digital evidence needs.

By combining our technical, investigative and forensic accounting expertise, we can quickly acquire, preserve, analyze, extract, and uncover digital data stored on computer systems that can make or break a case. Our Computer Forensic services primarily consist of two phases:

  • On-site services:

Hold in-depth discussions with our clients focusing on the issue and its implications.

Provide expert consulting advice to best address our clients needs, addressing computer technology and investigative or legal considerations.

Develop an investigative plan outlining the proposed course of action.

Conduct background interviews of relevant personnel to obtain a clearer perspective of the organization, its workflow, its computer networks and systems, and other pertinent details.

If necessary, preview the data stored on suspect computer systems, utilizing the latest technologies and tools, ensuring that the evidentiary integrity of the data is preserved.

Capture an exact image of the suspect hard disks or other storage devices for later in-depth forensic analysis

Produce an audit report to identify the actions taken and show compliance with acceptable computer forensic practices and technologies.

  • Computer Forensic Examinations:

Our state-of-the-art computer laboratory allows us to use advanced forensic tools and technologies to quickly locate meaningful findings and provide results.

Capture and process bit-by-bit images of suspect storage mediums.

Locate suspect or missing data by examining large volumes of digitally stored data (e.g., gigabytes or terabytes).

Quickly provide answers to important questions.

Flexible data processing to match case and customer needs.

Case specific keyword searches and text recognition

Locate crucial evidence in deleted files, information hidden outside normal storage areas, partially overwritten older data, data that resided in the computers memory cache or other temporary artifacts.

Produce detailed reports of findings detailing the evidence uncovered and the forensic examination methodology used to extract the digital data.




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